FPG Bilingüe 5th annual CARNAVAL
February 21, 2020 5:30-8pm

Carnaval is a festival that occurs around the world immediately before Lent. It typically involves a public celebration and parade that combine elements of a circus, masquerade, and public street party. Our Carnaval will be a celebration of diverse cultures from around the world (read more) and will include a parade of the continents, games, food, dancing, and drumming. Carnaval is the PTA’s largest fundraiser of the year but, more importantly, it is an opportunity to bring together ALL of our families to celebrate our children, our teachers, and our diverse community.


Each classroom constructs a parade float, hosts a game, and provides some food and drink. Room parents will organize these efforts, but they need your help.

Attend the Carnaval planning meeting DATE & TIME TBD in the cafeteria. If you missed it, contact room parent coordinator Christina Burch at christina1burch@gmail.com to find out what you missed.

Most of the funds we raise through Carnaval come from event sponsorships by local businesses or private donors. We encourage you to reach out to your employer, your kids’ taekwondo or dance studio, or your rich uncle if they might be interested in becoming a Carnaval sponsor. Many local businesses, like taekwondo studios, provide a classroom game and appreciate the opportunity to advertise their services in exchange for sponsoring the event. Approach potential sponsor with this letter and/or point them to the online sponsorship form here.

Each classroom will be assigned a country and build a small parade float to highlight something special about the geography, climate, or culture of their country.  Do you or does someone you know have a Radio Flyer (or similar) wagon that can be used to hold a parade float?  Let your room parent know!

Room parents need help planning and building the float.  Let your room parent know if you can manage the float construction and please, please, please encourage your child to participate in its construction. FPG will host two float-building parties in the cafeteria: DATES & TIMES TBD. Please RSVP to your room parent if you can join us.

Each grade will put together a themed basket for the raffle. Themes are:

  • Pre-K: Board Games
  • Kindergarten: Sports
  • 1st grade: Kitchen / Food
  • 2nd grade: Movies
  • 3rd grade: Literature / Books / e-readers
  • 4th grade: Beach
  • 5th grade: Spa / pampering

Donation of both items (e.g. soccer balls, bedtime stories, gift certificates to your favorite destinations) and money toward the purchase of basket items are welcome.  If you are able to contribute to a raffle basket, please send clearly marked basket items to school in your child’s backpack or drop them off at the FPG front desk.  Last day to contribute is Wednesday, February 19.

Look for raffle tickets in your child’s friday folder on February 1st or print more raffle tickets here. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.  Turn in all tickets by Thursday, February 20.

Sponsor the Event

Carnaval sponsorships offset the costs of the event and provide funds for classroom activities and other educational needs throughout the year.


Join Us

Read about the event logistics to make sure your family enjoys Carnaval!

Parking at the school will be available ONLY to volunteers who have been issued a parking pass in advance. Everyone else can either park-and-walk from the Sheryl-Mar parking lots (521 S Greensboro St) or park-and-ride from the Lincoln Center (750 S Merritt Mill Rd). Buses will begin running at 5:00pm and continue to run back and forth from the Lincoln Center to the school throughout the night. Families that took advantage of the park-and-ride during Hispanic Heritage night last fall were universally enthusiastic about how quick and easy it was to take the bus. DOWNLOAD A MAP

The parade will begin promptly at 5:45 pm and lasts only 15 minutes. Do not be late or you and your child will miss it! Students should be dropped off by 5:30 pm to the FPG gymnasium to ensure they have time to join their classroom and be ready for the start of the parade. Note that teachers in classrooms that decide on elaborate costumes may ask that students be dropped off to the gym as early as 5:00 pm. Please keep an eye out for a detailed itinerary from your teacher as we get closer to the event.

Meals and treats will be available in the FPG cafeteria and the Science Lab from 6-7:30pm. Meal tickets will be available for $3 before and during the event and can be exchanged for a slice of pizza, drink, a piece of fruit, and a cupcake. Advance purchase forms can be downloaded here and will come home in your child’s Friday Folder on February 8th.

Unlimited-Game Wristbands will be available for $5 before and during the event. Try your hand at “Bilboquet,” “Quoits” and have fun exploring the different ways children play in countries around the world. Advance purchase forms can be downloaded here and will come home in your child’s Friday Folder on February 8th.

A collection of themed baskets will be raffled off to seven! lucky winners at the conclusion of the event. Themes for each grade are:

  • Board Games – donated by pre-K classes
  • Sports – donated by the Kindergarten classes
  • For love of Foodies – donated by 1st grade classes
  • A night at the Movies – donated by 2nd grade classes
  • Bookworms paradise – donated by 3rd grade classes
  • A day at the Beach – donated by 4th grade classes
  • Everyone needs a Spa Day – donated by 5th grade classes

Raffle tickets can be purchased in advance or at the event for 1$ each or 6 for $5. Advance purchase forms will come home in your child’s Friday Folder on February 1st. Sold out? Download more raffle tickets here.

Event Schedule

5:00 pm Park and ride shuttle begins operating from the Lincoln Center parking lot.

5:30 pm Drop off kids at the gym.

5:45-6 pm Parade starts at the gym, circles courtyard area and returns to the gym.

6-7:30 pm Games spread throughout school (each class hosts a game in their classroom).

6-7:30 pm Enjoy a slice of pizza (in the Cafeteria or the Science Lab).

6-7:30 pm Last chance to buy raffle tickets.

7:30-8 pm Announce basket winners and crown the Carnaval King & Queen in the gym.