Our teachers work extremely hard to make Carnaval an event that will be enjoyed by all, but they can not succeed without your help! There are lots of ways you can contribute to Carnaval. Please volunteer in whatever manner works for you and your family, but please do volunteer!

How you can help

Attend the Carnaval planning meeting Friday January 5th 7:30-8:30 am.

Secure a sponsor: Most of the funds we raise through Carnaval comes from event sponsorships by local businesses or private donors. We encourage you to reach out to your employer, your kids’ taekwondo or dance studio, or your rich uncle if they might be interested in becoming a Carnaval sponsor. Many local businesses, like taekwondo studios, provide a classroom game and appreciate the opportunity to advertise their services in exchange for sponsoring the event.  The sponsorship amount is $150 and all you need to do is point them to the online sponsorship form here.

Secure a wagon for the float: Each classroom will be assigned a country and build a small parade float to highlight something special about the geography, climate, or culture of their country.  Do you or does someone you know have a Radio Flyer (or similar) wagon that can be used to hold a parade float?  Let your room parent know!

Plan the float or participate in its construction: Room parents need help planning and building the float.  Let your room parent know if you can manage the float construction and please, please, please encourage your child to participate in it’s construction. FPG will host a float-building party in the cafeteria February ??? from ??? to ???.  Please RSVP to your room parent if you can join us.

Donate to the grade-level raffle basket: Each grade will put together a themed basket for the raffle. Themes are K-Sports, 1-Kitchen, 2-Movie, 3-Literature/Books, 4-Beach, and 5-Board Games. Donation of both items (e.g. soccer balls and bedtime stories) and money toward the purchase of basket items are welcome.  If you are able to contribute to a raffle basket, please send clearly marked basket items to school in your child’s backpack or drop them off to ??? at the FPG front desk.  Last day to contribute is Thursday, February 8.

Sell raffle tickets: Look for raffle tickets in your child’s friday folder on January ??? or print more raffle tickets HERE (LINK TO INSTRUCTIONS AND TICKETS). Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.  Turn in all tickets by Friday, February 2.

Donate food and drink: Each class is responsible for donating 3-12 packs of 8 oz water bottles and 3 dozen store bought cupcakes (no nuts). Donations are to be brought to the cafeteria by 5:30pm on Feb 8. Room parents will provide a classroom-specific Sign Up Genius link to allow you to sign up for this task on or around January 22nd.

Volunteer to host the classroom game: Each classroom is responsible for hosting a game. Room parents will provide a classroom-specific Sign Up Genius link to allow you to sign up for a 30-minute shift to work the game – 6-6:30 pm, 6:30-7 pm, or 7-7:30 pm.  Keep your eye out for an email on or around January 22nd.