There are exciting things happening for the FPG playground!

First, some history:  For the past three years, the FPG PTA and school staff have been working on solutions to make our playground a fun, exciting, educational space.  We have had to address significant flooding issues, as well as the general age and condition of the property. It has been a long journey to bring together the resources and partners to make progress possible… but now we have arrived!

Starting RIGHT NOW, a new play equipment area is being installed on the higher, drier ground that is currently grassy open space behind the FPG classroom trailers.  This space is now available for our needs through a generous NEW partnership with our adjoining property owner, UNC, who owns the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute property.  We cannot thank CHCCS and UNC leadership enough for creating this opportunity. Construction of the new equipment area is underway and should be completed sometime this winter! All construction activity will take place in a secure manner, away from the children’s day to day activity.

In the spring and summer, after construction of this new play equipment area is completed, the FPGB PTA will begin to refurbish the existing playground space.  With your generous support from last year’s fundraising, we have contracted with the Natural Learning Initiative at NC State to design a collection of play accessories to provide opportunities for creative play and learning.  You will also see our Fitness Path restored and a host of environmental improvements that will help with the flooding and often-wet conditions. Many thanks to the volunteers that have helped on the playground to-date with clean up and repairs… and to the many volunteers who have planned this undertaking!