We are excited and delighted to share great news about what the coming year will hold for our playground renovations.  At the end of June 2019, the school district will vote on an agreement with UNC for a long-term lease of the higher ground directly behind the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute.  This land is above the flood plain!  The school district has also committed more than $400K to the planning and construction of a new playground on this land that will include new structures for all of our preK, K-2, and 3-5 children.  The plans are nearly finalized, but we anticipate that the approval and bidding processes will delay the start of construction to late summer or early fall 2019.   We are grateful to the school district for taking these decisive actions so quickly and to YOU for writing letters and donating funds to bring their attention to this critical need at our school.

Our renovation efforts will not end there.  Having new structures on higher ground will be a tremendous boon, but the surface area that we will gain on higher ground is not enough to accommodate all of the student population at FPG.  In that case, the PTA will use the funds that you donated to construct a Natural Play Area (possible features in the photos below), to add environmental features that will improve resilience and reduce recovery time following future flood events, and to resurface the track and playing fields.  This work will begin during Summer 2019, but the need to prioritize the the larger school-district project is likely to cause some delays.