Here in the Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools, we have many international teachers working in our classrooms. At last count, Frank Porter Graham was home to 15 international teachers and Carrboro Elementary was home to 4!  Our combined staff represents 14 countries (Spain, Mexico, El Salvador, Chile, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican, Peru, Ecuador, Burma, Netherlands and Bolivia). Those teachers working here for the short term are highly revered in their home countries and, after a rigorous application process, they are selected to live and work in the United States for up to 5 years. Their presence in our schools brings cultural richness, high quality instruction, and further diversifies our community, positively impacting the lives of students and families alike.

The goal of the International Teacher Support Team (ITST) is to insure that these teachers are welcomed and supported when they arrive in Chapel Hill! In its first year, ITST successfully assisted 3 teachers by offering both community and household support.  This allowed them to spend the majority of their time focusing on educating students rather than worrying about the logistics of settling into a new country.  Read testimonials from our teachers to understand how important this service is to them.

As a community here is how you can help

Buy or donate household items to help furnish apartments

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Transport furniture between storage locations and apartments

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Make a donation specifically to the ITST to support the committee costs

Donate Now

Volunteer to work on the community resource booklet, or to help as needed


Become a Partner Family for a new international teacher this fall.

Partner Family Form

Interested in Becoming a Partner Family?


All Partner Families must be able to commit to ALL of the following tasks, although not every teacher will need this level of support with all of the tasks

  • Meet teacher on designated arrival day
  • Be available to help with transportation for a 1 – 2 week period or until transportation is secured
  • Assist with setting up utilities, DMV, and general community orientation
  • Be ‘on call’ in order to meet the needs of newly arrived teachers as they arise
  • Some teachers might need a family to host a teacher in their home until housing is secured

Hosting a teacher in your home will include the above requirements, AND:

  • Have a bed in a room with a closing door available for the teacher
  • Provide the teacher with bedding, linens, bathroom and kitchen access while they are a guest
  • Complete a ITST Host Family Interest Form so that incoming teachers can be best matched with host families
ITST Arriving Teacher Form