In my experience coming to Chapel Hill, like everyone else coming to a new country to start from zero, I faced many challenges.  The International Teacher Support Team at my school helped me to settle up everything I needed into my home, from furniture to decoration items.  Also, they were very helpful before and after my arrival, with calm and hopeful words, warm welcome and giving a hand wherever I had a question, doubt or need.  I tell to anyone come with no worries, here there are people who will love you and will help you.

The International Teacher Support Team has been a tower of strength to me. I was totally unprepared when I came and they pitched right in and helped me sort out myself. From helping me to get my apartment furnished to helping me to get around. Thanks to you all!

For me it was a wonderful experience, since I remember you contacted me when I still was in my homeland to offer me support as a new International teacher, with transportation, furniture, families available to help in first needs, etc. When I arrived you and a group of people supported me in many ways to help me set in my new apartment with all first needs to start a new life in a new country and neighborhood. It helped me to feel welcomed and less anxious to start a new life as a new international teacher.
Ana from El Salvador

I appreciate the help the International Teacher Support Team has given me when I came to FPG.  They made sure I got all the furniture and household items I needed in a prompt manner.  I can not thank them enough!

I feel pretty grateful for all the International Teacher Support Team has done for me. It is very hard when you just come to a new country and you basically start from scratch, but this amazing team has supported me a lot in order to adjust and settle down! Thank you so much for everything!!!!
Juilian Soler Jaimes